Process of Dew in the Morning

Pay attention to the leaves in the morning, after you pray the dawn in the mosque. Sometimes we want to make the leaves wet and have drops of water. Meanwhile, there is no rain or drizzle. Moreover, the weather is very bright. Now, the drops of water attached to the leaves are dew.

Dew is intertwined because there is a condensation process, which is the process of changing the form of water from a liquid gas. Dew can be created if there is a lot of water vapor, the temperature is quite cold, and not windy.

Eve actually has a lot of water vapor. At the time of the day, the sun heats the surface of the earth. Some of the water evaporates into water vapor. This water vapor is trapped in the air.

At night, the temperature is cooler. Likewise the surface of objects, such as leaves, stems, earth, buildings, also gets cold. Water vapor is more easily attached to these objects. Because the temperature is colder, the water vapor attached to the item becomes saturated and changes back into water points.

The process of the occurrence of dew is the same as the process of the emergence of water in the outer chamber of the ice glass. Make a glass of ice syrup in a glass. Put briefly on the table. Notice, in the outer chamber of your syrup ice glass, water droplets will form.

The water attached to the glass does not come from ice syrup that seeps out of the glass. The water comes from condensed water vapor. Because the glass chamber is cold, so that the water vapor near the glass cools and changes back into liquid.

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